Created by Barbara Davis, The Tickle Bugz are a group of fun feel-good characters devoted to inspiring children through books,plush toys, music, video, games accessories!

Our toys range from small dolls to large dolls and more! Each Tickle Bug has their own personality, just like you and your friends! It’s really exciting to match yourself up with one of them so you can use your imagination and have hours of fun!

Along with the plush adorable Tickle Bugz toys are the amazing Tickle Bugz books, A special feature of these books is an erasable coloring section that allows children to interact with The Tickle Bugz! Also, each of our stories focuses on promoting positive values and lifestyles for children, including good health, nutrition, exercise, friendship, education and social behavior which is one of the reasons why we have aligned them with a youth or animal charity and donate a portion of sales to these chosen organization! This way, while you are having fun, you are also helping people and animals!
Cool, right?

Now go ahead, check out the rest of our website and enjoy the incredible Tickle Bugz in their Land of Happy!



Tickle Bugz Inc. CEO Barbara Davis is fulfilling her dream of educating,inspiring, and entertaining young children with the 2015 launch of her innovative product line of books, plush toy animals (the Tickle Bugz), doll houses, skippers, and original music.

Following a very successful career as a fashion model in Manhattan, Davis utilized her innate creative talent as an assistant designer in Manhattan’s garment district. Her love of children and her desire to uplift young people inspired her to create the Tickle Bugz. She is an accomplished author and illustrator who supports numerous youth and animal charities including Bidawee and Gift of Life International, by donating a portion of sales of her books.

Miss Davis is a native New Yorker, born in New York City, and now living on Long Island.