“Teeni Dog” Tickle Petz Pillow

Teeni Dog is the “nosy” Tickle Pet, who’s always getting into everybody’s business. He listens in to everyone’s conversations and follows the others even when he isn’t invited!
This Teeni dog pillow is cuddly and adorable. Sleep on one today!


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“Cupcake” Tickle Bugz Pillow


Cupcake is a friendly, flirtatious, female Tickle Bug who is the ultimate DIVA! She always flirts with the boys, who love her, which makes the other girls jealous! This soft, cuddly Cupcake pillow is going to be hard to put down because she is so cute!

The Large Cupcake Pillow features :

  • Tested for child safety by Eurofins a world leader in product testing.
  • Made of polyester material
  • Dimensions: 13 inches
  • Weight:6.1 oz.

 $ 12.99

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